Clarus Securities Inc.

Markets Were Open in Q1 2017

Brock Winterton

As markets opened up in Q1 2017, Clarus nimbly participated with a very active calendar.  We participated in 15 transactions raising a total of $273 million.  The cannabis space remained active with four transactions, the mining exploration space heated up with five deals and the healthcare, technology and special sits area saw six transactions.

  Issuing Company
Capital Raised
  Aphria Inc.
  Scythian Biosciences
  Kalytera Therapeutics
  CannaRoyalty Corp.
  Neo Lithium Corp.
  INV Metals
  JDL Gold
  Golden Predator
  White Gold
  BioAmber Inc
  Breaking Data
  RepliCel Life Sciences
  H-Source Holdings
  Akumin Inc.
  UrtheCast Corp.

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Market Upheaval in Q4 Still Provided Specialized Access

Brock Winterton

Clarus capital markets activities continued in Q4 2018 even though markets were very volatile and unforgiving.  Clarus remained active with transactions for gold mining exploration companies and cannabis related companies.  In the cannabis space, considerable M&A activity has emerged on the Canadian front as the market sorts out those that can deliver quality product consistently.  In addition, a highly specialized new Canadian marine technology company that focuses on underwater sensors for unmanned vehicles (drones) raised funds for its expansion while a US focused medical services company raised funds for its future expansion.

Emergence of World Leading Financial Market in the Cannabis Space

Brock Winterton

While cannabis companies predominantly focused on the Canadian market were the first to emerge in the financial market, we are now seeing US focused players accessing capital on Canadian markets.  Liquor companies, beverage companies, tobacco and pharma companies have begun to think about how they can play in the cannabis space.  Clarus remains deeply involved having brought two new companies public (totaling $102 million IPO values) and advised another on a $300 million M&A transaction.   

And let’s not forget the gold mining market.  Clarus raised funds for exploration related companies and played a major role in the annual Denver Gold forum hosting multiple events with a total of 12 companies and 15 money managers.

In total, some $523 million of value was raised or advised on.

What's Happening at Clarus...

Brock Winterton

  • While uncertainty continues to roil most segments of the market due to trade concerns, the passage of cannabis legislation in Canada removed the final legal uncertainty for this dynamic new industry.  Capital market activity in the cannabis space was widespread in June and Clarus was once again one of the leaders raising or advising on $294 million in three transactions in June alone.  We also continued to be active helping to raise $50 million for new and emerging businesses in modular construction and potentially the massive new LNG market; and $10 million for a new gold mining venture.  Total capital raised was $354 million for the month. (6/29/2018)

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