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Clarus delivers exactly what they promise.
Client Testimonial 
Clarus' integrated approach to their business has worked very well for our company.
Client Testimonial 
We trust our bankers at Clarus to provide the best solutions.
Client Testimonial 
Clarus has always given us timely, direct and accurate advice.
Client Testimonial 
Clarus sticks with its clients through both the highs and the lows. They are always there for us.
Client Testimonial 
Several characteristics set us apart from our peers. The first is our intense focus on you, our client. The second is our small, nimble, concentrated structure which allows us to deliver that focus. Our third distinguishing trait is, quite simply, the ability to make success happen.

Recent Successes

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CAD $63,320,000 New Issue Co-Manager
Clarus helped the company to fund the re-start and ramp-up of the ELG Mine Complex in Mexico.
CAD $8,380,000 New Issue Lead
Golden Predator is advancing the 3 Aces gold Project in Canada's Yukon.
CAD $51,750,000 New Issue Co-Lead
Clarus helped raise capital as the company looks to become a leader in the global cannabis space.
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Our approach is simple. We aim to earn your business by delivering what we promise.

How We Measure Ourselves

By Cultivating Strong Relationships

How We Measure Ourselves

By Cultivating Strong Relationships

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